How It Works

We offer a very simple program for sending money to Cuba. We issue a debit card for your beneficiary. You load money into this card. Your beneficiary spends the money or cashes it out in Cuba!

Innovative Method

We offer a unique and safe money transfer system to Cuba.

Lower Cost

• Online users will save 10% discount on top of our very low fees.

Easy To Use

Send money from online, at home, over the internet, or by phone.

Convenient Payout

Your beneficiary will receive the funds on their Transcard through thousands of payout locations and ATMs in Cuba.

Fast Delivery

We promise quick delivery to your beneficiary. Our shortest record has been 2 hours!

Reputation Counts

Transcard is celebrating 20 Years o operation remitting funds to families in Cuba!

Have a family or Friend in Cuba?

See how easy it is to send them money through our system!

Latest News

Byadmin Aug 27, 2016

TransCard Launches SendCuba.Money

TransCard Financial Inc has launched a new website. In order to support the growing number of customers and their demand in using our services v

Byadmin Aug 1, 2016

Smart-Transfer Retires

TransCard will replace with a robust system. TransCard Financial Inc. will be launching a new mobile-responsive website to