An easy way to transfer money to family & friends in CUBA!

SendCuba.money is a financial management program offered by Transcard Financial Inc based in Canada.

This program is uniquely designed to allow its members to manage, at their own convenience, funds designated for friends & family remittances to best of class payout partners in CUBA. The Transcard® program provides 24-hour access for account management and fund transfers through the INTERNET.

With the Transcard® you’ll get:

  • Secure money transfers to family and friends in Cuba
  • A 10% discount on top of our very low fees
  • 24/7 access for account management such as
    checking balances and making transfers
  • The unique opportunity to do everything from your home
    over the phone and on the web


The Program Offers

  • A completely safe and easy to use environment
  • Guaranteed delivery and availability of funds
  • Easy account management and control
  • Always available
  • Information that is always safe and confidential
  • A program supported by an established company

Learn how our program works.

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