[1] If I don’t have access to the Internet can I still make a money remittance using Transcard?
There basically are three different ways of making your remittance using Transcard:

Through INTERNET: Login into your account using your USERID and PASSWORD. Select the beneficiary whom you want to send the money to. Proceed to transfer the money.

By Phone: Call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-724-5685 with the details of your transference and your Smart-Transfer® card number along with the beneficiary information. Some security questions will be asked to ensure the authenticity of your request

In Person: You can always come over to our office and make your transfer assisted by our staff or you can also go to your nearest Transcard authorized agent. You will be requested to show some photo ID

NOTE: In all cases, keep in mind that transaction fees will be automatically deducted from the total balance in your account


[2] What does “Beneficiary” stand for and how can I create one?
Beneficiary is intended to name those persons (one or more individuals) who you send money to in Cuba.

For Cuba: If you know your beneficiary’s TRANSCARD DOMESTIC CARD number you can transfert hem money by entering their account number. Otherwise, if the person you want to send the money is not a TRANSCARD cardholder in Cuba you should contact us to setup an account for that person, otherwise the person should go to the nearest Transcard office in Cuba and apply for a TRANSCARD DOMESTIC Card.


[3] How/where does my beneficiary will collect/receive the money?
If you are sending money to Cuba, the beneficiary needs a Transcard card, which can be obtained completely free at any Transcard representation office in Cuba. In Cuba the money is deposited directly on the beneficiary Transcard account. An updated list of collection points has been posted in Collection Locations.


[4] How long will it take for the money to be available to the beneficiary?
The payment order arrives to the beneficiary’s country within 15 minutes and in some cases its instantaneously. For Cuba, that may take a bit longer due to internal policy and operation.


[5] How will the beneficiary receive the money?
Beneficiaries can receive the money in:
Cash: Visiting any of the payout locations and showing a correspondingly ID

TRAN$CARD CARD: The funds can be directly deposited into the beneficiary’s TRAN$CARD card.


[6] How much it cost me to become a Transcard® member?
The Transcard® membership is absolutely FREE!!!


[7] How can I become a Transcard ® member?
1. In person at our office.
2. In person at any of our authorized agent locations.
3. Send us via mail your application. Applications to the program can be found in our website


[8] In which currencies can the Transcard ® accounts be opened?
Now you have the opportunity of opening your Transcard ® account either in American or Canadian currency. All your funds are kept in trust within Transcard Financial Inc. and regardless your Transcard ® account’s currency; all remittance transactions will be conducted in Canadian Dollars. Currency exchange from CAD to USD and vice-versa will be done according to the daily exchange rate.


[9] I have experienced difficulties depositing money into my Transcard account at Money Mart, Cash Money and Unicash locations
At any MONEY MART, CASH MONEY or UNI CASH across Canada, assigning funds (loading, making a deposit) to your Transcard account is known as a BILL PAYMENT. It is very important when you conduct your transaction at these locations you specifically state you are making a “Bill Payment” to one of the TEL-PAY billers listed within their systems: Transcard Financial Inc.

Therefore, you should address the teller, clerk or representative by saying that you would like to PAY A BILL to the TEL-PAY biller Transcard Financial Inc. Payments made at some MONEY MART locations may take up to 5 business days if the store is a franchise location.

If timing is important to you, please go the nearest corporate location or go to any of our AUTHORIZED AGENTS or our OFFICE.


[10] How can I change my PASSWORD?
Sign in into your account by providing your current USERID and PASSWORD, click on EDIT ACCOUNT and once the form shows up, reset your PASSWORD (8 alphanumeric characters) at your convenience and then click on SAVE FORM. Your USERID is unique and cannot be changed. Your new PASSWORD setting are registered in the system and your account is ready to be successfully operated.


[11] Have you forgotten your USERID, PASSWORD?

If you forget your USERID, PASSWORD, you should call our Customer Service department at (416) 840-1466 or (1-800) 724-5685.


Need Customer Service?  
Call Toll free: 1-800-724-5685 or Local: 416-840-1466 or email customer service.