How It Works

We offer a very simple program for sending money to Cuba.

  • We issue a debit card for your beneficiary.
  • You load money into this card.
  • Your beneficiary spends the money or cashes it out in Cuba!

Let us explain each step for you below:

1- Join SendCuba.Money

  • Become a member and create your account – it is Free!
  • We will issue you a Transcard account and you will get a 16 digit card number
  • System will send you an email with an activation code to make sure we have your correct email address
  • Follow the direction on the email and Activate your account.
  • Once your account is activated, you can sign in to the system using your email address and password.

2- Deposit Money

  • Treat your Transcard as a virtual debit card. You can load funds into your account in the following ways:
    • In Person
    • Interac Online Deposit
    • Interac Email Money Transfer
    • Regular Mail
    • Tel-Pay Bill Payment
    • Wire Transfer

3- Define Beneficiaries

  • You beneficiaries in Cuba must have a TRANSCARD DOMESTIC card number.
  • If they have this card, you will only need the beneficiary’s TRANSCARD DOMESTIC card number to send them money.
  • If your beneficiary does not have a TRANSCARD DOMESTIC card, we can create the account from our head office or the beneficiaries can apply themselves for the card, free of charge, at the following offices across the island [click here for a PDF of the locations].


4- Transfer Money

  • Once you have your beneficiary’s TRANSCARD DOMESTIC 16 digit number, you can sign in to our website and send them money!


Deposit Methods


In Person At any AUTHORIZED AGENTS location.
Using Bank Debit Card only.
Interac Online Deposit banner-interac-online
Only available in Canada
INTERAC Online payment has made it easy for you to make your deposit right off our website.
It’s simple, secure, and all you need is to access the “Interac online banking” through a Participating Banking Institution.

Please note: Credit to your account will be processed the next business day, and $1 will be deducted from each amount received.

Interac Email Money Transfer Only available in Canada

This service is available to any customer who is already registered to online banking services provided by any of the major banking institutions in Canada (ROYAL BANK, CIBC, SCOTIABANK, TD CANADA TRUST & BANK OF MONTREAL). Regardless of the bank you use, all of them will ask you to enter the same type of information to initiate an email money transfer.


  • Login into your personal online banking site.
  • Select INTERAC E-MAIL MONEY TRANSFER. If you do not know how to access this option through your online banking menu, please contact your bank’s customer service directly.
  • Input the requested e-mail recipient information:
    2. E-mail Address:
    3. Security Question: What is my date of birth?
      Depending on who you bank with, you may be asked to choose a security question of your choice. We ask that you choose the date of birth question or ask “What is my date of birth?”. This question will be directed to us when we attempt to collect the money from your bank account. We will input the date of birth as it is registered in our database under your Transcard account. It is extremely important that this information can be matched correctly.
    4. Security Answer: Please enter your birthdate in the mm-dd-yyyy format. For example, if you were born June 14, 1974 – you would enter 06-14-1974. This date format is mandatory. If you fail to key in this information as shown, we will be unable to retrieve the money for deposit to your account.
    5. Amount: Enter the amount to be deposited to your Transcard account.
    6. Message: Please credit to my Transcard account #6017 81** **** ****. Please key in your account number as it is shown on the front of your card.

What you need to know:

  • You will be able to review the status of the money transfer through the Payment History option.
  • Transfers can only be completed from Canadian dollar accounts.
  • There is a fee of $1.50 to send an Interac Email Money Transfer that is withdrawn from the sender’s account right away and is non-refundable. We will debit $1.00 CAD from the total amount deposited for handling & operations.
  • There is no money sent through email. The Transcard email address is only used as a notification of the transfer.


Regular Mail From anywhere in the world

Send a CERTIFIED CHEQUE, MONEY ORDER, or INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER (if you reside outside Canada) or CASHIER CHEQUE payable to Transcard Financial Inc. Please, note that we do not accept PERSONAL CHEQUES.


Mail Money Orders to:

Transcard Financial Inc.
2820 Fourteenth Ave., Suite 200
Markham, ON L3R 0S9


Tel-Pay Bill Payment Only available in Canada

At any MONEY MART, CASH MONEY or UNI CASH across Canada.

  • Depositing funds to your Transcard account is known as a BILL PAYMENT. It is very important that when you conduct your transaction at these locations, you specifically state you are making a “Bill Payment”. Transcard is a TEL-PAY biller listed within their systems.
  • Payments made at some locations may take up to 5 business days.
  • Use this DEPOSIT STUB when visiting any Money Mart, Cash Money or UniCash location to make a deposit to Transcard for funds to be designated to your Smart-Transfer account.


Wire Transfer For wire payment instructions in American Dollar (USD) or Canadian Dollars (CAD), please contact our office:

Toll Free: 416-840-1466 / 1-800-724-5685





Proof of ID

Transcard is required by law to ascertain client identity at the time of conducting certain transactions.


  • when suspecting that a transaction, or an attempted transaction, of any amount, is related to a money laundering offence or a terrorist financing offence,
  • when sending multiple transactions during a determined period of time totaling a threshold amount,
  • when sending a money transfer of $1,000 or more.

Methods used by Transcard to ascertain client identity:


In person

You need to bring any of the following original4 documents to our office or to one of the Transcard’s agents to ascertain your identity (Foreign ID is also acceptable if it is equivalent to an acceptable type of Canadian ID)

  • Driver’s licence
  • Passport
  • Canadian citizenship card
  • Canadian permanent resident card
  • Certificate of Indian status
  • Provincial or territorial identification card issued by:
  • Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)
  • Alberta Registries
  • Saskatchewan Government Insurance
  • Department of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations
  • Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal of the province of PEI
  • Service New Brunswick
  • Department of Government Services and Lands of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Department of Transportation of the Northwest Territories
  • Department of Community Government and Transportation of the Territory of Nunavut

Not physically present

Using the dual process method to ascertain the identity of individual clients, in force as of June 30, 2016, you will need to provide the following two document to verify your identity:

  1. One document from a reliable1 source3 that contain your name and address;
  2. A second document from another reliable1 source3 that contain your name and confirms that they have a deposit, credit card or other loan account with a financial entity.

Please note that the documents must be:

  • Original4, valid5, and current6 documents from two independent2 and reliable1 sources3 that are document:
  • one source3 to verify your client’s name and address and,
  • second source3 to verify client’s name and confirm a financial account7
  • Original4 paper or electronic document and not a copy
  • Original4 document is the one your client received or obtained from the issuer through posted mail or electronically
  • The document must be valid5 and unaltered

Examples of reliable1 sources3 of information under the dual process method

Documents to verify name and confirm a financial account7:

  • Credit card statement
  • Bank statement
  • Loan account statement (for example. mortgage)
  • Cheque that has been processed (cleared, non-sufficient funds) by a financial institution
  • Letter from the financial entity holding the deposit account


Documents to verify name and address:

  • Any statement issued by a Canadian government body (federal, provincial, territorial or municipal)
  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP) statement
  • Property tax assessment issued by a municipality
  • Provincially-issued vehicle registration
  • Benefits statement o Federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal levels
  • CRA documents:
  • Notice of assessment
  • Requirement to pay notice
  • Installment reminder / receipt
  • GST refund letter o Benefits statement
  • Electricity bill,
  • Water bill,
  • Telecommunications bill
  • T4 statement
  • Record of Employment
  • Investment account statements (for example, RRSP, GIC)

1Reliable: In reference to a source, “reliable” means that the source is well known and considered reputable, and is one that you trust to verify the identity of the client.

2Independent: For the purposes of ascertaining client identity, the term “independent” means that the sources must be different; the information cannot be from the same issuer.

3Source: The issuer or provider of information or documents for ascertaining identification

4Original: Original refers to any paper or electronic document as it comes from the issuer directly to their client.

5Valid: Refers to a document or information that appears legitimate or authentic and does not appear to have been altered or had any information redacted.

6Current: To be considered current, an identification card or document must not have expired.

7Financial account: Refers to a deposit, credit card or other loan account held by a financial entity. A financial entity is a bank, a trust or loan company, a caisse populaire, or a credit union.




Please mail all documents, and your remittances to:
2820 Fourteenth Ave., Suite 200
Markham, ON
L3R 0S9